Rawaj Real Estate for real estate appraisal..
Its foundation and its founder

Rawaj for real estate appraisal – is one of Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al Mosa companies – and is approved by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Estimators, to carry out real estate appraisal work, and has an approved classification by ” Tassnief” company of the Saudi Credit Bureau “SIMAH”, and all of this comes from years of scientific and professional experience, which enabled Rawaj to occupy a position among the largest providers of real estate appraisal services in the local market.

Given the need for the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its public and private sectors, for services based on in-depth studies and analysis in accordance with the highest international evaluation standards, which in turn ensure access to fair evaluation and enable capital owners to know the values of their market assets, we are proud in Rawaj to provide our services with accuracy, efficiency and transparency. We are unique in our analytical methods, our innovative solutions, and the application of the highest quality standards of performance by choosing the most efficient technical, administrative and technical elements to achieve the best levels of performance and complete satisfaction of our customers.

In Rawaj, we work according to principles and values that enhance integrity, transparency and professionalism while adhering to the charter, ethics and behavior of the valuation profession, through which we aim to achieve leadership in real estate valuation and reflect the most accurate picture of real estate asset evaluation, and we also strive to become the ideal strategic partner by individuals, companies and government agencies, and that to be an effective tributary to the Saudi economy.

The purpose of establishing the company... & the importance of appraisal

Based on the system approved by the Ministry of Commerce, represented by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Estimators, which is the limitation of appraisal companies to one purpose, which is real estate appraisal, and therefore, the company’s purpose is to make real estate appraisal of real estate of all kinds, namely residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural, and the coverage extends all cities and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A license to practice the profession of real estate appraisal

Rawaj Real Estate Appraisal Office in Riyadh is licensed to Mr. Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa, and he is permitted to practice the profession of real estate appraisal in the Kingdom, as he completed the registration conditions stipulated in Article Five of the Accredited Estimators Law issued by the Royal Decree pursuant to the decision of the Estimators Registration Committee in the Estimators Registry.

Appraisal team members