Rawaj Real Estate

Rawaj Real Estate Company is a member of Mosa Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Real Estate Holding Company. It is a company specialized in real estate appraisal and a member of the Saudi Authority for Accredited Estimators, founded by businessman Mr. Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa in 2010. Despite the short life of the company, it has achieved great successes and made a well-known name among the companies specialized in real estate evaluation. Based on the system approved by the Ministry of Commerce, represented by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Estimators, which is the limitation of appraisal companies to one purpose, which is real estate appraisal, and therefore, the company’s purpose is to make real estate appraisal of real estate of all kinds, namely residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural, and the coverage extends all cities and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Mosa Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa


Our principles

A set of standards that guarantee access to the best real estate solutions suitable for your properties

Integrity and objectivity
Efficiency and confidentiality
Appraisal's geographic coverage

We are proud of our complete proficiency of our profession and our mastery of everything related to it. With refined skill and continuous creativity, we create unforgettable experiences for our clients, and we never get tired or bored in our pursuit of excellence.

We live and embody the words of the founder of our brand that says “Put people first”, and we work to achieve it effectively. When the moment comes to provide services to our customers, we embody all meanings of professionalism, truthfulness, and honesty.

Rawaj has gained the confidence of its customers during the last period, which gave it another dimension from the view point of the client, and this has led to the spread of our services in most regions of our dear Kingdom, which has made us proud of our esteemed clients, asking God Almighty to be at your best expectations.